Executive Committee

My name is Kristin Schaub I am the President for the Highland Elementary PTO and have previously served one year on the site council.  I have three children; a daughter in fifth grade and twins in second grade.  I am so excited for the transition to a PTO and the wonderful opportunities it will bring to this wonderful Highland community!

Hi, I'm Stephan Schaefbauer, Vice President of the inaugural Highland PTO. I've served 3 years on the Highland Site Council as well as serving as one of the Districts Parent Leaders. My hubby and I have a 5th grader and 3rd grader at Highland. We also have a dog named Rusty. I look forward to continuing to serve in this very important role.

My name is Nate Simms. I am the current Treasurer for Highland Elementary PTO. I have served on the Highland Site Council for 2 yrs, one of which was in the role of Parent Leader. I also serve on the School District committees of the Superintendent Parent Leader Forum as well as the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council. My family moved to Minnesota 5 yrs ago by way of Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Carolina. My daughter, Morgan, will be going into 4th grade this year at Highland Elementary.

My name is Kim Wilson. I am the Communications Director for the PTO, having also served on the site council for the last two years.  I am also on the District 196 Special Education Advisory Council. Our family immigrated from New Zealand in 2014. We are parents to two Highland students - Harry (3rd) and Ivy (Kindergarten) and one Highland graduate Theo (6th). Our family can be found with either our heads in books or outside adventuring. I am excited to be part of this transition and to support Highland further!

My name is Kaitlin Graff, and I’m the Secretary of the PTO.  This is our second year at Highland and we are thrilled to be a part of this incredible community. We have three kids- Ryland (6th), Braeden (3rd) and Amelia (Kindergarten).  I served on the PTO at Northview Elementary previously and am so excited to continue to support Highland however we can.