Administrative Procedures

The Officers of the Board shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Communication Director, and Treasurer.  Each officer shall each be elected for a term of 2 years, but may serve in that capacity or alternate capacity for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms (4 calendar years) if nominated and elected again. If for any reason an elected officer is unable or unwilling to complete his/her term, the Board shall have the discretion to appoint a replacement officer or assign the officer's position duties to another Board member.

Officers will be elected in January on alternate years using the following schedule:

President, Communication Director, & Secretary - odd years, starting January 2025

Vice President & Treasurer - even years, starting January 2024

New Officers will be installed in February with terms beginning immediately. To ensure a smooth transition of administrations, the immediate past officers shall assist the organization as requested by the new officers through the last day of Spring Break. 

The 2022-2023 school year will be classified as a transition year. During this transition it is expected that the 2021-2022 site council will take on an advisory role and be available to the PTO for support.  

Officer Description and Duties

President:  Create agenda and preside over meetings of the general PTO.  Coordinates work of all PTO members to ensure duties are being carried out, sign contracts, deposited checks.  He/she will also serve as a liaison between PTO and Administration.  

Vice President: Assist the President with day to day operations, help formulate a long range plan, work out issues, and participate in PTO meeting discussion and decision making.  Assume responsibility if the President is unable to.  

Secretary: Take minutes at Executive and Committee meetings and maintain master documents and contact information for all board members. Post minutes to the website.

Treasurer:  Develop the budget, collect fundraising money, write checks for purchases and reimbursements. He/she will track income and spending, make financial reports, and organize the books for annual audit.

Communication Director: Handle the creation and distribution of all PTO-related media and marketing. Create and/or maintain a website.   

PTO Bylaws - approved by PTO membership at November 10th, 2022 meeting.